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40KW Solar Photovoltaic Mobil Hybrid Power Station

AGP Array

Application:Mobil Hybrid Power Station
Owner:Famous Hollywood Movie Director
Description:This 40 kW solar mobile hybrid power station provides extremely reliable, quality mobile power anywhere in the world. The solar station offsets 200 kWh of the property’s daily utility load. Powering an entire home, it is California’s (and possibly the country’s) largest privately owned residential system. The system also has 300 kW of diesel generation to provide additional power.
System Components:512 Siemens Solar SP75 Modules
600 kWh Battery Storage
60 kW Inverter Capacity
(2) 150 kW Generators
Full Metering Package
Comments:All components are UL approved. Designed for 125 mph winds. Deploys in 24 hours. Requires minimal permits. The original concept for this mobile power station was for a remote movie production studio. Other applications include emergency preparedness, mobile communications, military and public safety. The system has been operating continuously and flawlessly.